Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beautiful and Decorated Vehicles in Pakistan

Pakistan is very beautiful country and known with it's art and creative works. Peoples of Pakistan loves the culture. There is another indigenous form of art performed in Pakistan and it is the Truck Painting. With its all colorful floral patterns, depiction of human heroes with creative aspect ratios, calligraphy of poetic verses and driver’s words of wisdom, this form of art is truly a part of Pakistani transport tradition.

Unlike vanity plates and ‘pimp-my-ride’ style modifications, Pakistani truck art is about cultural history and tradition, storytelling, passion, and sometimes playful one-upsmanship. As such, every little adornment on the trucks has a special significance. Jamal Elias breaks down the motifs for truck art into the following 5 categories:

  1. Idealized elements of personal and communal life.
  2. Elements of political and national life.
  3. Talismans, trinkets, and clothing.
  4. Talismans or religious symbols.
  5. Obvious religious symbols and images.

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