Sunday, August 9, 2009

Scarification Tattoo: Scarring or Cutting?

Scarification, the practice of purposely scarring skin tissue to leave permanent marks, is a very ancient practice that reaches back to the earliest stages of the human race.

This form of body modification has been used in ancient rituals as a rite of passage into adulthood, and also as a sign of status and beauty. Being able to withstand the pain of the process was taken as a sign of great physical and spiritual strength. Warriors also received sacred scars to identify them with their tribe, and many bearers also believed these markings had spiritual powers to protect them in battle as well.

Today, scarification is again on the upsurge, practiced as a form of personal expression along with other body arts, such as piercing and tattooing. Some view scarring as art, others as barbarism, but to the person choosing to be scarred, both the practice and the result can have deep significance.

For those seeking to push themselves to the limits, enduring the pain of scarring presents one of the ultimate challenges in life. Once the veil of fear and pain has been passed through, the bearer often feels euphoric and invincible to the daily rigors of life. How can anything else compare to the intense physical test just experienced?

Others choose scarification as a means to memorialize a significant life event, such as a birth or a death.

And then there are people who simply find scarring attractive, and appreciate the artistry involved to create lasting patterns in flesh. It can be an alternative, or a complimentary practice to standard tattooing, and provides more visible results on dark skin tones than standard tattoo inks.


No matter what a person's motivation is, scarification is an intense experience, and not for the faint of heart. If the opportunity arises, watch someone else being scarred first to make sure you're ready to handle the experience yourself. Blog Widget by LinkWithin

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